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2nd International Workshop on Vertical Farming (VERTIFARM2023) will bring together the world's leading academic scientists, researchers, leading companies and representatives to demonstrate the most forward-looking agricultural scientific and technological innovation that is changing our lifestyle. With the concept of vertical agriculture proposed, the future urban agriculture has become a realistic vision. This meeting will provide an important interdisciplinary platform for researchers, practitioners and educators to introduce and discuss the latest innovations, trends and concerns in vertical agriculture, as well as practical challenges encountered and solutions taken. In addition, VERTIFARM2023 aims to provide a forum for researchers and practitioners from academia, industry, government agencies and regulatory agencies with backgrounds such as plant factory, smart agriculture, plant science, LED lighting, artificial intelligence, environmental control equipment, etc., to exchange ideas, explore enabling technologies and share experiences related to vertical agriculture.


  • - LED Lighting
  • - Plant Science
  • - Plant Factory
  • - Hydroponics
  • - Intelligent Horticultural Equipment
  • - Renewable Energy Utilization
  • - Artificial Intelligence
  • - Controlled Environment Agriculture
  • - Advanced Agricultural Concepts
  • - Other content related to Vertical Agriculture