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In-Bok LEE

Seoul National University

In-Bok Lee is Professor at Seoul National University, College of Agricultural and Life Sciences, Republic of Korea. He received a PhD degree in 1998 in aerodynamics and energy in agriculture at the Ohio State University, USA. The major research field of I. B. Lee is Aero-Environmental and Energy Engineering in Agriculture while most of his researches combine experimentation and simulation. He conducts studies on greenhouse structural design with wind loads, natural and mechanical ventilation design of greenhouses, energy saving and renewable energy of greenhouse, urban agriculture, information and communication technology and smart farm greenhouses, Deep learning/Machine learning, Virtual reality (VR) and Digital twins (DT), etc. His research team, Aero-Environmental and Energy Engineering Laboratory (A3EL) is very strong for aerodynamic approaches such as Computational Fluid Dynamics, large-sized wind tunnel, particle image velocimetry, etc and actively develops various advanced experimental tools for field experiments. In-Bok Lee has published over 120 peer review papers and over 200 papers in professional journals.